We are a small team creating Bemjax, a tool we believe can change the way browser content is handled and programmed.
4 years ago we were disappointed with JavaScript and browser content development tools. There was no real IDE dedicated solely to browser as a platform, especially for complicated graphical tasks and animations.
So, on the 25th anniversary of the first web server in Cern, we wrote a manifest of intent on-line and committed to creating a brand new IDE. It took 2 years of research, and several versions created from scratch to find out the correct "formula".
After that it took 2 more years to create it.

In the upcoming weeks of summer we are going to slowly release demo videos of features and unique workflows in handling programming & data, raster & vector graphics, 2D & 3D, audio & video and other types of content.

We would like to go public with our software, and would like you to join us on this journey :)

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